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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Formal Education?


1) Recently I have been hearing people express their declining faith in the formal educational system, specifically in higher education --- colleges and universities.

2) Some individuals, such as one of my mentors for paper and commodities investing, propose that the US is currently experience an 'education bubble', which would suggest that demand for education is nearing a sharp decline.

3) I have asked myself and others what their views on formal education are, and have received an interesting spectrum of responses, ranging from support for formal education's necessity to regret for having traded time and importance for debt and an insufficient degree of - financial success and general happiness.

4) I have interviewed many people on this subject of formal education, typically reviling the emotionally charged exchange.   May I interview you as well?

5) One question: How important is formal education to your overall success in life and your ability to turn this commanding economic Crisis to financial Profit?

6) Please share your valuable comments.

Thank you.

Source: AHS at vi.wikipedia

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