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Friday, December 31, 2010

Worldwide Crisis? (2) --- Greece


1) High frequency financial instability, fueling collapsing of emotional tranquility.   Financial Riots in Greece.   Where is next?   The United States?   Martial Law?   One World Currency?   International Monetary Fund?   World Bank?   United Nations?   Blue Helmets?   Global Economic Code of Conduct?   New Pyramid of Profit Potential?   Technetronic Era?   Trilateral World Power, Inc.?   


2) What we are attempting to show is that the same fundamental socio-economic causes, which are giving rise to blazing explosions of maddened protest in Europe, are festering within the frameworks of life in the United States.   If evidence proves worthy of showing a fundamental reflection of caused conditions in Europe to condition causes in the United States, then it seems such evidence would suggest that the United States could be the next home of fiery civil unrest and bank funded government coercion to follow.

3) Also, it may be important to note that Europe has experienced multiples more war and civil unrest than the comparatively youthful United States of America.   Europeans have government opposition to gain freedom and justice - woven into their DNA fabric and is collecting at least a decent interest in their memory banks.   The US citizens, in comparison to European citizens, have been fairly congenial with their governments throughout history, and may now be flowing into one of the grandest waves of civil unrest and government opposition in the US timeline.   To the extent that this freedom revolution of sorts is among the greatest in US history, the US citizens may respond much more erratically than the European citizens to this bank-government crisis.   The US citizens may react chaotically.   Who do you know is properly prepared for such a dangerous new dawn?   What if, once the land has drunk full of desperate emotional blood, government protection, government enslavement, is reasonably considered to be the last best hope for peace and financial stability in the United States?

4) The fact you are reading Crisis to Profit right now, and you are reading, are you not, suggests that you are one of those elite few who may at the very least be willing to take simple and necessary action to transmute volcanic Crisis, the likes of which the US has never seen before, utter survival-dependent, pent-up, raging money money money chaos, into illuminating Profit.

σας ευχαριστώ (Thank you in Greek).

Worldwide Crisis? (1) --- Greece


1) As stated in previous blogs on Crisis to Profit and as many economically interested individuals are seeing, the crisis unfolding in the United States certainly appears to be reflecting around our world, particularly in Europe. 

2) For many, it appears that the US dollar is facing death and for some, the dollar death may be preceded by the death-day of the Euro of the European Union.   According to a mass of analysts and researchers, the entire western, Anglo-American establishment is experiencing its paper foundations disintegrate and its entire economy erode.   The western world may be on its downtrend, while the eastern world may be on its uptrend.

3) There are several nations in Europe, which are completely broke, and have been deeply in debt for quite a while, yet continue to spiral into the black pit of poverty.   Thousands of millions, hundreds of billions, tipping over to trillions of debt, for countries such as Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, France, and Germany.

4) Greece, like its European neighbors, largely due to the ability to create money through the central bank and commercial bank, and the inability to discipline money creation, has been the subject of much chaos and controversy during 2010, because of its over $500 billion in debt, and more importantly, its impotency to service that debt.   Nearly complete, impotency.   Facing currency collapse.

5) Throughout December 2010 and before, people, people who may perhaps be reasonably considered to be desperate, impoverished, and financially unprepared, have been reflecting the collective debt crisis with acts of personal crisis shaking in Europe --- anarchy, arson, vandalism, criminal behavior, Self-sabotage, fear borne from their financial base, their survival keystone, withering away with each application of Euro ink to paper and minting of Euro coins with alloy.

6) On the morning of December 29, 2010, a powerful bomb exploded outside of a courthouse in central Athens.   This explosion of chaos is but another child this worldwide economic crisis, a relative of the several parcel bombs which have been sent to embassy buildings in Greece and Italy.   These children are contagious, the children from the womb of the central bank virus, the void of black debt.

7) Germany is another country in Europe tasting its last bitter days of economic stability.   I imagine that Athens, where this powerful bomb exploded, has been known to many as a land of rich cultural history.   Germany has also been recognized as a realm of deeply impressing history, has it not?   One of Germany's children is Johann Sebastian Bach.   I suppose, perhaps, we can illustrate the natural cyclical shift from prominence to poverty by experiencing one of Bach's most famously invigorating and lofty compositions, realizing that a mother, which once birthed this prodigal piece is currently in dire straights.

8)  It presently seems, perhaps ---  a Europe that used to be:

9)  It presently seems, perhaps ---  a Europe that currently is:


10) Crisis and civil unrest can be costly and dangerous, can it not, and yet it seems that there is always a reflection, thus, it would follow, that where there is cost for some, there is benefit for others, where there is chaos for others, there is order for some, where there is crisis for most, there is profit for few.

11) What we ask here at Crisis to Profit is, who benefits from financial crisis and civil unrest?   If it were possible to transmute significant socio-economic loss into lucrative profit, would there also be the incentive to allow the crisis to unfold and perhaps, even to fuel or instigate it? 

12) Are there financially savvy investors who are speculating in the socio-economic markets and somewhat analogous to a short-seller, turning the global economic Crisis into personal financial Profit?

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Quick Word on Quantitative Easing (1)


1) Recently, the Fed in the United States completed another instance of a program named, 'Quantitative Easing' (QE), does this sound familiar?

2) Something, which seems to be important to deciphering communications of the establishment, including the words of the multinational corporations with headquarters in the US and offices throughout Scandanavia and the governmental organizations with allies in Australia, is to see if their words are acting as an acceptable gloss over what may be an unacceptable deeper truth.

3) One example of the glossy governmental language is the name, Quantitative Easing.   It appears that the word, 'Quantitative' has an official, economic, professional appeal, which can garner the trust of an authority.   The word, 'Easing' can have such a comfortable, acceptable aura and for some, may reinforce the notion that the government is here to protect and improve the lives of the masses, which may be true.

4) When the Fed, thee bank, proudly proclaims to have pumped in another unfathomably large influx of currency, of Quantitative Easing, to stimulate money flow, commerce, and confidence in the market, such move, simply because of, although not limited to, the words which are labeling this move, can present the move as an acceptable gift to the economy.

5) Here is one meaning of Quantitative Easing - the bank is pumping money into the market so merchants have money to invest in inventory and have more freedom to spend, thus stimulating market flow, analogous to an injection of energy.

6) Here is another meaning of Quantitative Easing - the bank is creating money with a Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) word or stoke of a pen, followed by a hot sheet cutting of printing presses or impressions on a keyboard, and is adding this money to the money supply.   Many people are familiar with the law of supply and demand, are they not?   Following the common law of supply and demand, whenever money supply exceeds money demand, the corresponding result is a decrease in money price or money value --- inflation.   Thus, when markets from Panama to Palestine and South Africa to Sweden, learn that the Fed in the United States has flushed more Quantitative Easing into the economy, in the form of hundreds of billions of dollars being added to the money supply, merchants can see a possible stimulation of market flow and also a vast expansion in inflation --- lowering the value of US money.

7) Considering many markets have been using the US dollar for their important transactions, for example in deals for commodities such as oil and corn, as the US dollar is dropping in value, the value of these markets' money is also dropping in value, which can have a volatile whirlwind of international influence, thus affording spirited individuals and savvy investors from Japan to Germany, to transmute international Crisis to Profit.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Born to Die (1)


1) A new book on the financial crisis, by Roth E. Barrons, is in process.

2) The book is entitled, Born to Die: Rising from the Explosion of the Economic Time Bomb ©.   Born to Die is painted defined images, and stuffed with charts, facts, and figures.   Born to Die will be initially available as an e-book and may move into printed form.   Born to Die is being offered as a mind-opening dish and possibly, as it has been for me, a life-changing journey of increasing prosperity.

3) I am interested in your thoughts on the the financial health of the United States, other nations, and our world as a whole.

4) What is your financial diagnosis?

5) By reading Born to Die you will be learning:

1 --- The hidden definition of money
2 --- The strange history of money
3 --- The secret recipe from which money is made
4 --- The powerful system of making money with money, named 'banking'
5 --- How manipulative banking is being used to rearrange your life
6 --- How the world's chaos is caused with money
7 --- How masterful control over the very confidence of society is executed with money
8 --- How the whole financial system is set to collapse and turn the unprepared into paupers
9 --- How to join an elite group, use this collapse to get rich, and literally flip your financial face like a shining silver coin and not even recognize your new rich reflection

6) Born to Die is written for anyone who has important uses for money, from the check-to-check employee to the sophisticated investor.    Born to Die is written to open the closed, to knowledge of rare financial opportunities, and the savvy, to game-changing waves, which they may find significant protection or profit in adjusting to. 

7) The purpose of Born to Die is to provide a wealth of information on the history of banking, the current status of the economy, and the possible position of future life in this world, according to projections of what appear to be historical and current trends.

8) At its core, Born to Die is here to bring the mind of the reader to a certain plane of thinking, and once the mind is properly situated, the next step is to think, think, think of the following steps and to, perhaps most importantly, take action by practically applying these plans for prosperity, adjusted to what the mind knows about the financial health of the world --- according to experience, research, and the information vibrating within Born to Die.

9) So I have a few questions:

1 --- Where is the financial health of our world going?
2 --- What are your main questions about international wealth and personal wealth, particularly in the coming decades?
3 --- What are you thinking about practical application of knowledge about the financial trends, particularly in the fields of traveling, having 'bases' internationally, investing domestically and internationally, preparing for chaos, creating a lasting influence in society for universal well-being, personal prosperity, and how much time is remaining to take action?

Please share your valuable knowledge and lucrative ideas by leaving comments on 'Crisis to Profit' or my Facebook page (Roth E Barrons), sending an email (borntodie019@yahoo.com), imprinting your thoughts in the question/answer box on the left column of 'Crisis to Profit', and any other ways you create.   Also, could you please share your views on the points in Born to Die, which have been listed in this blog?

Thank you.

Monday, December 27, 2010

History of Central Banking in the United States (1)


1) Many people are learning about the importance of the Fed, and how the Fed is fundamentally influencing the US economy and thus, indirectly, the world economy.

2) A small group of these people are also learning that the Fed has many powers to influence the people's financial life, not least of which is the power to create money and lend it throughout the world, at interest, which has a technical term of 'monetizing debt'.

3) It seems that quite a number of people are particularly shaken, shocked, or upset by the Fed's power to create money and loan it, after all, masses of merchants are feeling financial pressure and yet the Fed is endowed with the skill of creating money, so strong responses to this information seem somewhat plausible, do they not?   Some of these people, upon learning that the Fed is not a lone loaner, but one of many, a child born of a system, which is increasingly interfacing our planet (hence, Bank of Japan, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Banco Central do Brasil, etc.) --- known as the central banking system, these people begin adjusting their entire life to adapt to the penetrating powers of central banking.

4) Some of the more intellectually hungry minds who learn of this special information, go deeper, and learn that not only is the Fed one of many central banks established the world over, but is not new and is actually the fourth central bank in the history of the United States.

5) Central banking began in 1694 in the womb of America's mother, England, with the Bank of England, and the Bank of England remains today.

6) Nearly a century following the charter-day of the Bank of England, in 1781, the first central bank in the United States --- the Bank of North America, was chartered.

7) Ten years later, in 1791, the First Bank of the United States was chartered.

8) Twenty-five years later, in 1816, the Second Bank of the United States was chartered.

9) Nearly a century following the charter-day of the Second Bank of the United States, in 1913, the current central bank in the United States --- the Federal Reserve System, was chartered.

10) Up to the present writing, there have been four central banks in the United States:

1 --- Bank of North America, 1781
2 --- First Bank of the United States, 1791
3 --- Second Bank of the United States, 1816
4 --- Federal Reserve System, 1913

11) The central banking virus is a seed, which as been rooted deep within the US history, spawned from the stoney coffers of England, and has cloned itself in nations all over our world (People's Bank of China, Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of Nigeria, etc.).

12) Yes, it appears that, perhaps, because these central banks are thee monetary authorities of nations, national financial health, prosperous or impoverished, is significantly a result of the sweeping influence of the central banks, yet, for the savvy investor, central banking, albeit a core influence, is but another condition of the game, to be mastered and monetized, providing yet another valuable opportunity to turn Crisis to Profit.

Mother, Bank of England, 1694

A Child, Central Bank of Iraq, 2004 - البنك المركزي العراق

Thank you.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Time is Money?


1) Do the central banks, which are dominating the world, trade time, for money?   Many people are at least somewhat familiar with the phrase --- 'time is money', and it seems many people agree with this phase.   Some people verbally affirm that time is money and many live by this phrase by earning their income per hour.

2) Considering this phrase can motivate an individual to increase their financial success by spending more of their time working.   There are also those individuals who consider that time is money, and figure ways to work more efficiently --- producing more, in less time.

3) I imagine that some individuals  find that working their job and directly trading time for money fits their intentions smoothly, and there are other individuals who are not contented by working their job and are figuring ways to earn their money in a way that does not directly depend on how much time they are investing.

4) It seems that the individual who can invest less time, and earn more money will achieve greater financial success than the individual who must invest more time in order to earn more money.   There are a few other phrases many people are familiar with, which are born from the philosophy of freeing money returns from the constraints of time invested, such as --- 'don't work hard, work smart' and 'don't work for money, have your money work for you'.   In fact, one of the most adept examples of  having money work for you is the bank loan.   When the bank loans money, the bank is free to sit back for months, years, or even decades, collecting dividends due to its money working away, plowing deep, and harvesting interest.

5) This US financial crisis which appears to be firmly advancing, is reflected in many other nations, including the European Union, Brazil, Mexico, various African nations, and Southeast Asia, and is also bringing major segments of our world down into the depths of financial crisis with the United States.   It may, perhaps, be necessary not only to hedge (protect) against inflation and rising prices by investing in gold, silver, and commodities, as well as stocking up on food, and amassing materials for shelter to survive this transformation, but also to establish multiple streams of income, simply to survive.

6) As the system dissolution, financial pollution, and the pressures of adaptation increasingly demand more attention and time, figuring multiple ways to be like the bank and be earning much money in little time, could be essential to rising above this global economic collapse and thereby turn Crisis to Profit.

7) The computer, the internet, and the blog may be emerging as a few of the more profitable streams of income.   Passive internet income --- digital dividends while you sleep.

Thank You.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Simplified History of Central Banking


1) The money system of nearly the entire planet is known as the central banking system (CBS).

2) The central banking system is identified by certain key characteristics:

1 --- The CBS is composed of one central headquarters where the Board of Governors operates, several reserve banks which act as the Banker's banks, and many 'member banks' which are the typical commercial banks that people use for their financial needs.

2 --- The CBS regulates the nation's money supply by creating money and purchasing bonds.   Purchasing bonds is equivalent to giving money in exchange for an IOU and thus, loaning the money.   Simply put, the CBS of a nation increases the nation's money supply by loaning money to the government through the reserve banks or member banks.   The head of the CBS regulates the money supply by loaning money to commercial banks --- at higher rates to decrease the money supply and at lower rates to increase the money supply, which results in correspondingly adjusted interest rates for people --- thereby adjusting the amount of loans and money in the system.

3 --- The CBS is a partially governmental.   The CBS is owned by its member banks (commercial banks) which own stock in the CBS, analogous to a corporation which is owned by its stockholders.   Since the CBS is partially private, to an extent, private banking institutions, including the reserve banks and its operators, and the commercial banks that are holding savings accounts, are able to create money and loan the money to governments at interest --- hence, national debt and interest on the national debt.

4 --- One of the most significant components of the CBS is the type of banking named, fractional reserve banking.   Fractional reserve banking allows a bank to create money equal to a certain multiple of the money its has in the form of assets (such as, savings accounts, real estate, securities, interest) and use this created money for profit.   One way that the head of the CBS can regulate the money supply is by adjusting multiple of money or reserve ratio that a bank can create based on their assets.

3) The CBS can be dangerous to a nation for many reasons, which include (1) the fact that private banks are able to control the nation's money supply according to their profit intentions, and (2) when a bank creates money, it is adding money to the money supply and if there is too much money in the system, then the value of the money decreases, which reflects as rising prices and the advancing death of the entire monetary system.   This process of having money supply in excess of money demand is known as inflation.   As previously stated, inflation reflects as rising prices (because more money is necessary to equal a fixed value), which means that food costs more, housing costs more, water costs more, the currency purchases less, the job wages lose potency, and financial crisis is creeping.   What appears to be important to note, is that a bank can earn interest by creating money, thus offering an incentive to possibly contribute to inflation and the decreasing financial well-being of the remaining population --- incentive to sell out the masses.

4) When inflation expands at its most rapid rate, this phenomenon is known as a hyperinflation, which has happened often throughout monetary history.   One of the most recent hyperinflations was the hyperinflation if Zimbabwe, and to illustrate the possible severity of hyperinflation, one may consider this --- in the time span of approx 2 years, prices in Zimbabwe inflated from typical levels to levels, which required million, billion, and trillion dollar notes.

5) The CBS began in England in 1694 with the Bank of England.   Since that fateful year, the central banking virus has spread to the United States and caused symptoms in the form of 4 central banks in US history.   The CBS is possessing the Earth.   The CBS has presently infected over 150 nations, and many of these nations are currently being inflated to death.

6) Many seekers have been hearing clamors and reading words, waxing urgent on the destructive actions of the Federal Reserve System (the Fed).   What is the Fed?   The Fed is presently the CBS of the United States.   The Fed is playing a star role in the fundamental rebirth of the United States, thus, affording savvy souls to transmute this Crisis to Profit, utilizing their knowledge of a financial system, which is Born to Die.

Thank you.


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