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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Way to Wealth --- Ben Franklin


 The Way to Wealth

1) Benjamin Franklin's evolution as a businessman reflects the classic rags to riches story. 

2) Mr. Benjamin Franklin fled to Philidelphia in search of opportunity for growth and although he began with only a few notes in his pocket, he soon developed a colony-wide printing business and postal service.   Franklin was a spectacular inventor and savvy investor.   Franklin is now known as one the the infamous and deeply wise founding fathers of the United States as well as the 'big face' on the largest denomination US note --- the $100 bill.

3) Franklin shares some of this significant strategies for success in a book he penned, entitled, The Way to Wealth.   Franklin invest various grades of gold and silver nuggets for the astute reader and manages to condense his wealth of experience into a single rich concept --- earn money and save money --- what Franklin refers to as, INDUSTRY and FRUGALITY.

4) Benjamin Franklin shares the way to wealth and turning Crisis to Profit in simple and practical words:

“In short, the Way to Wealth, if you desire it, is as plain as the Way to the Market.  It depends chiefly on two Words, INDUSTRY and FRUGALITY; i.e. Waste neither Time nor Money, but make the best Use of both.  He that gets all he can honestly, and saves all he gets (necessary Expences excepted) will certainly become RICH; If that Being who governs the World, to whom all should look for a Blessing on their Honest Endeavours, doth not in his wise Providence otherwise determine.”

5) Towards the back of The Way to Wealth is a remarkable piece on how to accumulate riches in the face of economic crisis and siphoning government taxes by simply improving oneself, entitled Poor Richard's Way to Wealth, a cousin to Poor Richard's Almanack --- rich reads for spirited individuals ambitious for financial food.

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