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Friday, December 31, 2010

Worldwide Crisis? (1) --- Greece


1) As stated in previous blogs on Crisis to Profit and as many economically interested individuals are seeing, the crisis unfolding in the United States certainly appears to be reflecting around our world, particularly in Europe. 

2) For many, it appears that the US dollar is facing death and for some, the dollar death may be preceded by the death-day of the Euro of the European Union.   According to a mass of analysts and researchers, the entire western, Anglo-American establishment is experiencing its paper foundations disintegrate and its entire economy erode.   The western world may be on its downtrend, while the eastern world may be on its uptrend.

3) There are several nations in Europe, which are completely broke, and have been deeply in debt for quite a while, yet continue to spiral into the black pit of poverty.   Thousands of millions, hundreds of billions, tipping over to trillions of debt, for countries such as Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, France, and Germany.

4) Greece, like its European neighbors, largely due to the ability to create money through the central bank and commercial bank, and the inability to discipline money creation, has been the subject of much chaos and controversy during 2010, because of its over $500 billion in debt, and more importantly, its impotency to service that debt.   Nearly complete, impotency.   Facing currency collapse.

5) Throughout December 2010 and before, people, people who may perhaps be reasonably considered to be desperate, impoverished, and financially unprepared, have been reflecting the collective debt crisis with acts of personal crisis shaking in Europe --- anarchy, arson, vandalism, criminal behavior, Self-sabotage, fear borne from their financial base, their survival keystone, withering away with each application of Euro ink to paper and minting of Euro coins with alloy.

6) On the morning of December 29, 2010, a powerful bomb exploded outside of a courthouse in central Athens.   This explosion of chaos is but another child this worldwide economic crisis, a relative of the several parcel bombs which have been sent to embassy buildings in Greece and Italy.   These children are contagious, the children from the womb of the central bank virus, the void of black debt.

7) Germany is another country in Europe tasting its last bitter days of economic stability.   I imagine that Athens, where this powerful bomb exploded, has been known to many as a land of rich cultural history.   Germany has also been recognized as a realm of deeply impressing history, has it not?   One of Germany's children is Johann Sebastian Bach.   I suppose, perhaps, we can illustrate the natural cyclical shift from prominence to poverty by experiencing one of Bach's most famously invigorating and lofty compositions, realizing that a mother, which once birthed this prodigal piece is currently in dire straights.

8)  It presently seems, perhaps ---  a Europe that used to be:

9)  It presently seems, perhaps ---  a Europe that currently is:


10) Crisis and civil unrest can be costly and dangerous, can it not, and yet it seems that there is always a reflection, thus, it would follow, that where there is cost for some, there is benefit for others, where there is chaos for others, there is order for some, where there is crisis for most, there is profit for few.

11) What we ask here at Crisis to Profit is, who benefits from financial crisis and civil unrest?   If it were possible to transmute significant socio-economic loss into lucrative profit, would there also be the incentive to allow the crisis to unfold and perhaps, even to fuel or instigate it? 

12) Are there financially savvy investors who are speculating in the socio-economic markets and somewhat analogous to a short-seller, turning the global economic Crisis into personal financial Profit?

Thank you.

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