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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crisis to Profit --- Main Questions


I suppose you may be wondering what specifically you could learn from Crisis to Profit, and it is a good thing to wonder, because that means you are learning things, and all the things, all the things you can learn are providing you with new insights and new understandings, and you can, can you not, one can, you know, that it's more or less the right thing.

Here are specific questions to further clarify Crisis to Profit:

1) What is money?

2) Are the US dollar and other currencies losing value, and how devastating could it be for me, when my currency collapses?

3) Is the Bank in control of the economy and what role is it playing the financial crisis?

4) What is the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) and why are so many people emphatically correlating the Fed with the economic crisis?

5) Is there a possibility that the United States is being allowed or even caused - to collapse, so the mass crisis which would result could be an opportunity to enact sweeping reforms into law, which constrict personal freedoms, decrease US national sovereignty, for the purpose of further advancing globalization into the development of an international government?

6) If I do not become wealthy and take other specific actions to survive the financial crisis and any further destructive powers of the bank, could I be risking slavery to the government, and how can investing in -  gold, silver, commodities, businesses, real estate and information, significantly assist me in developing the personal freedom which I am desiring, right now?

Who knows about the economic crisis and who knows how to transmute the Crisis to Profit?   Robert Kiyosaki is extremely well-known as financial educator and investor.   Kiyosaki is the best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, creator of the game of wealth --- Cashflow, and has sold over 26 million books.  

In 2009, Kiyosaki published a book entitled, Conspiracy of the Rich, which discusses the potential motives for the wealthy to use their money power to engineer society into financially uneducated employees.   Before releasing his book, Kiyosaki was publicly sharing his forecasts of the US economic collapse and the way to turn the Crisis to Profit with extremely simple moves, such as purchasing silver.  

Here is a sample of Kiyosaki's thoughts on the economic crisis and the type of valuable information being offered on Crisis to Profit:

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