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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Born to Die (1)


1) A new book on the financial crisis, by Roth E. Barrons, is in process.

2) The book is entitled, Born to Die: Rising from the Explosion of the Economic Time Bomb ©.   Born to Die is painted defined images, and stuffed with charts, facts, and figures.   Born to Die will be initially available as an e-book and may move into printed form.   Born to Die is being offered as a mind-opening dish and possibly, as it has been for me, a life-changing journey of increasing prosperity.

3) I am interested in your thoughts on the the financial health of the United States, other nations, and our world as a whole.

4) What is your financial diagnosis?

5) By reading Born to Die you will be learning:

1 --- The hidden definition of money
2 --- The strange history of money
3 --- The secret recipe from which money is made
4 --- The powerful system of making money with money, named 'banking'
5 --- How manipulative banking is being used to rearrange your life
6 --- How the world's chaos is caused with money
7 --- How masterful control over the very confidence of society is executed with money
8 --- How the whole financial system is set to collapse and turn the unprepared into paupers
9 --- How to join an elite group, use this collapse to get rich, and literally flip your financial face like a shining silver coin and not even recognize your new rich reflection

6) Born to Die is written for anyone who has important uses for money, from the check-to-check employee to the sophisticated investor.    Born to Die is written to open the closed, to knowledge of rare financial opportunities, and the savvy, to game-changing waves, which they may find significant protection or profit in adjusting to. 

7) The purpose of Born to Die is to provide a wealth of information on the history of banking, the current status of the economy, and the possible position of future life in this world, according to projections of what appear to be historical and current trends.

8) At its core, Born to Die is here to bring the mind of the reader to a certain plane of thinking, and once the mind is properly situated, the next step is to think, think, think of the following steps and to, perhaps most importantly, take action by practically applying these plans for prosperity, adjusted to what the mind knows about the financial health of the world --- according to experience, research, and the information vibrating within Born to Die.

9) So I have a few questions:

1 --- Where is the financial health of our world going?
2 --- What are your main questions about international wealth and personal wealth, particularly in the coming decades?
3 --- What are you thinking about practical application of knowledge about the financial trends, particularly in the fields of traveling, having 'bases' internationally, investing domestically and internationally, preparing for chaos, creating a lasting influence in society for universal well-being, personal prosperity, and how much time is remaining to take action?

Please share your valuable knowledge and lucrative ideas by leaving comments on 'Crisis to Profit' or my Facebook page (Roth E Barrons), sending an email (, imprinting your thoughts in the question/answer box on the left column of 'Crisis to Profit', and any other ways you create.   Also, could you please share your views on the points in Born to Die, which have been listed in this blog?

Thank you.

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