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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mind and Money (1)


1) Mind and Money --- The Secret --- over 18 million sold, at $10 per copy (=) $180 only from book sales --- perhaps one of the least lucrative effects of creating a book (thinking of - movies, interviews, advertising, speaking, guest commentary, artwork, derivative works, audio, etc).

2) There seems to be a growing wave of spirituality and recognition of the influence of the invisible world, on collective and individual experience.   Interestingly, there is a mass of people who have negative views towards money and feel that they are more likely to realize spiritual reverence and moral tranquility if they do not place money as a focus of their life.   What may be fun in these coming years is the convergence of this spiritual wave with the traditional dogma of the incompatibility of spirit and money. 

3) A significant point of this spiritual wave appears to be based in the powers of the mind, which is often considered to be spiritual because of its combination of intangibility and powerful influence.   It seems that more individuals who are eager for personal development and for experiencing a new life free from crisis, have had first or second hand experience with information regarding the magic of the mind, particularly with reference to the mind's ability to attract wealth.   What is intriguing is that this spiritual wave is expounding on the miraculous powers of the mind to attract, among other energies, wealth.   It presently appears that through the mind, the worlds of spirit and money may be changing from repelling magnets to mirror reflections.

4) In this economic crisis and vastly transforming world due to the constantly evolving electronic communications systems, one may be finding that mental control could have increasing significance in their life, not only as a medium for making a living, but also as a shield against the quaking vibrations from the collapse of various world systems, which are continually shaking personal belief systems with vibrant force.   If spirited individuals are to affirm their love of life by transmuting this financial Crisis to Profit, then it may be necessary to engage the thinking capacities in ways which were formerly forbidden by the emotion, the comfort of habit, and the ego.   It may be time to be Born to Die and invest in a new way of living.

5) Simply because you are reading this information suggests that you are the type of spirited individual who is interested in fine tuning the mental capacities in order to monetize thoughts and rise as the dollar, the economy and the governmental systems are falling; therefore, perhaps you are more likely to succeed in achieving your ultimate goals in life.

6) Are you familiar with these words: "The rich just think differently."   "Think, and Grow Rich."   "It was a bit uncomfortable, but I just kept thinking --- Money comes easily and frequently.   Money comes easily and frequently?"   These words have come from Robert Kiyosaki, who is a multi-millionaire, Napoleon Hill, who learned from Mr. Andrew Carnegie, who's worth is hundreds of billions of dollars, and Napoleon himself has sold tens of millions of books and finally, Loral Langemeier, who is also a multi-millionaire.

7) If indeed this economic crisis in not simply a transient downturn followed by renewed prosperity, and is more accurately the beginning phases of an inevitable financial collapse, then perhaps improving the quality of one's thinking can produce the millions one may desire, equate the mind with money, and transmute Crisis to Profit.

Thank You.

Mind and Money --- Meditation and Mantra

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