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Friday, December 31, 2010

Worldwide Crisis? (2) --- Greece


1) High frequency financial instability, fueling collapsing of emotional tranquility.   Financial Riots in Greece.   Where is next?   The United States?   Martial Law?   One World Currency?   International Monetary Fund?   World Bank?   United Nations?   Blue Helmets?   Global Economic Code of Conduct?   New Pyramid of Profit Potential?   Technetronic Era?   Trilateral World Power, Inc.?   


2) What we are attempting to show is that the same fundamental socio-economic causes, which are giving rise to blazing explosions of maddened protest in Europe, are festering within the frameworks of life in the United States.   If evidence proves worthy of showing a fundamental reflection of caused conditions in Europe to condition causes in the United States, then it seems such evidence would suggest that the United States could be the next home of fiery civil unrest and bank funded government coercion to follow.

3) Also, it may be important to note that Europe has experienced multiples more war and civil unrest than the comparatively youthful United States of America.   Europeans have government opposition to gain freedom and justice - woven into their DNA fabric and is collecting at least a decent interest in their memory banks.   The US citizens, in comparison to European citizens, have been fairly congenial with their governments throughout history, and may now be flowing into one of the grandest waves of civil unrest and government opposition in the US timeline.   To the extent that this freedom revolution of sorts is among the greatest in US history, the US citizens may respond much more erratically than the European citizens to this bank-government crisis.   The US citizens may react chaotically.   Who do you know is properly prepared for such a dangerous new dawn?   What if, once the land has drunk full of desperate emotional blood, government protection, government enslavement, is reasonably considered to be the last best hope for peace and financial stability in the United States?

4) The fact you are reading Crisis to Profit right now, and you are reading, are you not, suggests that you are one of those elite few who may at the very least be willing to take simple and necessary action to transmute volcanic Crisis, the likes of which the US has never seen before, utter survival-dependent, pent-up, raging money money money chaos, into illuminating Profit.

σας ευχαριστώ (Thank you in Greek).

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