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Friday, December 24, 2010

Time is Money?


1) Do the central banks, which are dominating the world, trade time, for money?   Many people are at least somewhat familiar with the phrase --- 'time is money', and it seems many people agree with this phase.   Some people verbally affirm that time is money and many live by this phrase by earning their income per hour.

2) Considering this phrase can motivate an individual to increase their financial success by spending more of their time working.   There are also those individuals who consider that time is money, and figure ways to work more efficiently --- producing more, in less time.

3) I imagine that some individuals  find that working their job and directly trading time for money fits their intentions smoothly, and there are other individuals who are not contented by working their job and are figuring ways to earn their money in a way that does not directly depend on how much time they are investing.

4) It seems that the individual who can invest less time, and earn more money will achieve greater financial success than the individual who must invest more time in order to earn more money.   There are a few other phrases many people are familiar with, which are born from the philosophy of freeing money returns from the constraints of time invested, such as --- 'don't work hard, work smart' and 'don't work for money, have your money work for you'.   In fact, one of the most adept examples of  having money work for you is the bank loan.   When the bank loans money, the bank is free to sit back for months, years, or even decades, collecting dividends due to its money working away, plowing deep, and harvesting interest.

5) This US financial crisis which appears to be firmly advancing, is reflected in many other nations, including the European Union, Brazil, Mexico, various African nations, and Southeast Asia, and is also bringing major segments of our world down into the depths of financial crisis with the United States.   It may, perhaps, be necessary not only to hedge (protect) against inflation and rising prices by investing in gold, silver, and commodities, as well as stocking up on food, and amassing materials for shelter to survive this transformation, but also to establish multiple streams of income, simply to survive.

6) As the system dissolution, financial pollution, and the pressures of adaptation increasingly demand more attention and time, figuring multiple ways to be like the bank and be earning much money in little time, could be essential to rising above this global economic collapse and thereby turn Crisis to Profit.

7) The computer, the internet, and the blog may be emerging as a few of the more profitable streams of income.   Passive internet income --- digital dividends while you sleep.

Thank You.

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