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Monday, December 20, 2010

Immediate Passive Wealth with Silver?


1) There is one way to begin creating wealth right now, even if one has no experience, no time, or no interest in investing.   Silver.

2) Silver is a commodity.   Commodities are items, which generally have a stable demand, relative to other goods and services.   For example, demand for food tends to remain stable, thus, food is a commodity.   Commodities can also be items, which are are fundamental to human existence and are 'common' to commerce.   For example, energy sources such as oil are commodities.   Some other examples of commodities include: industrial metals (aluminum, steel, silver), foods (wheat, soy, corn), jewelry (gold, platinum, diamond).

3) Since demand for commodities tend to remain stable, their prices also tend to remain comparatively stable.   When a currency is rising, less of the currency is necessary to equal the fixed value of a commodity, and when a currency is falling, more of the currency is necessary to equal the fixed value of a commodity.   For example, if silver tends to remain at $10 an ounce ($10/oz), if the dollar doubles in value, then the number of dollars required to equal the value of silver is half, since each dollar is now worth twice its previous value, thus silver would fall from $10/oz to $5/oz.   Correspondingly, if the dollar drops by half, then twice as many dollars would be needed to purchase silver, thus silver would rise to $10/oz to $20/oz.

4) Right now, as you are reading these words, silver is continuing its raging bullish run, which means that silver has been rising in price at a high rate.   One reason why silver is rising in price is the same reason why other many commodities are rising in price --- the dollar has be falling, and falling hard.   There is another side to this coin however, and this side shines with radiant money signs.   Another reason why silver is rising in price is because, as previously mentioned, silver is an industrial metal, which means the global industry is using silver to in its products.   Two reasons why silver is rising in price are (1) the dollar is falling, and (2) the demand for silver is lifting off.

5) Can you imagine the amount of electronic products currently exist in the world and are being produced right now?   Nearly every electronic product contains silver.   Also, as the market is surfing the silver tsunami of electronic products, the silver supply is being exhausted.   What happens to demand as supply shrinks?   What happens to price as demand grows?   According to the current trends, and if these trends continue, it appears silver is set to absolutely boom in price over the coming decades.

6) The fact you are reading Crisis to Profit suggests you are interested in building wealth and transmute the leaded economic crisis into golden financial success, therefore, you may be likely to achieve rare levels of self-determination and you may like to continue you financial ascent using the power of silver.   Right now, regardless of one's level of experience, time and interest, one can begin investing in silver and banking on this raging silver bull.

7) To build wealth with silver, one can follow these simple steps:

1 --- Research sources for silver (online, local coin shops, craigslist, ebay, network marketing, bank).

2 --- Observe offerings, review benefits, determine the deal and purchase your silver.

3 --- Receive your silver (by mail, by hand, in a storage facility).

4 --- Watch your silver earn you money, until you trade your silver in for currency.

8) Here is a list of resources for you to research and use your knowledge of to transmute economic crisis into sterling profits:

1 --- Local Dealer search on google
2 --- Brokers -;;
3 --- Ebay -
4 --- Network Marketing -
5 --- Bank -

9) Anyone who bought their silver at its spot price of approx $20/oz in Sept 2010 would have made a 50% return on their investment as of Dec 2010, when silver was at approx $30/oz --- investing in silver may be one of the top-notch ways to turn Crisis to Profit.

Thank You.

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