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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Business (1) --- Quotes


1) It seems there have been several financially successful businessmen, financial educators, and sophisticated investors who propose that one of the best ways to turn economic Crisis to Profit is by building businesses.   It seems the general idea is to take advantage of the weak job market and the tight grip on money by the bank to create one's own employment and bank, by simply, and gradually building a business.

2) I have been experimenting with entrepreneurship for my entire life and as I am learning, I am continuing to find business building to be one of the more enjoyable, liberating, and rewarding experiences in the journey.   In fact, it has only been a little over two years that I have actually been traditionally employed and had a typical job --- all other years of my life I had been investing in myself, creating products, and selling these creations.

3) It presently appears that business building can be a universal possibility for profit for any individual, because, it can grow gradually with part-time attention and can provide passive income while requiring an acceptable level of maintenance.   Thanks to the exploding influence of the internet, the blog, Youtube, Google, Ebay, Yahoo, all variations of the computer, the commodification of info and the financial crisis attracting masses of dollar-seekers who are experimenting with new and innovative ways to earn their money and their food --- business building may currently be simpler, more rich with freedom, and more lucrative than working the typical job.

4) Here are some valuable words identifying business building as a solid way to wealth and particularly a path for turning Crisis to Profit:

1 --- Reid Hoffman is the founder of LinkedIn and has been involved with PayPal and has invested in other start-ups. Hoffman was on the Charlie Rose Show on March 4th, and during his interview he paid some special attention the role of the entrepreneur.   Reid shares:

I actually think every individual is now an entrepreneur, whether they recognize it or not. . . . Average job length is two to four years.

I’m a huge believer in the way that you actually get out of these economic downturns is through entrepreneurship, because that creates new kinds of jobs that actually have longevity and strength to them.

2 --- Dr. Michael J. Duckett, self-made multimillionaire, wealth coach and author of  Breaking the Money Barriers, shares: 

“For many people a job is simply a temporary inconvenience on their way to wealth.  You can make more money right out of your home than you ever dreamed possible.  I have never met anyone who became wealthy working for someone else.  If you want to accumulate wealth, you will have to start your own business.   It does not have to be a big business.  The fastest growing sector of businesses in America is the home business."

3 --- R. Kiyosaki, sales guru and author of Rich Dad's Guide to Investing, shares:

“Breaking away from those typical job structures and creating you own stream of income puts you in the best position to 
weather an economic storm, simply because you are no longer dependent on a boss or on the economy to determine your 
annual income.  Now you determine…
Entrepreneurial fever has been kicking into high gear, because when the economy slows down, entrepreneurial activity 
heats up.  In fact, entrepreneurs flourish in down times…"

5) Can you imagine turning you interests into income, by gradually building your businesses and 
transmuting Crisis to Profit?

Thank You. 

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