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Monday, January 31, 2011

Worldwide Crisis (6) --- Downtrend of Anglo-American Establishment


1) Mark C, one of my most successful mentors, once affirmed, "Everything is cycles, everything is cycles.   Overvalue, undervalue, overvalue, undervalue, overvalue, undervalue."

2) Waves and cycles.   Night and day.   Vibration.   Frequencies and cycles per second.   Electromagnetic oscillation.   Low battery, full battery.   Cold and hot.   Cycles.

3) My mentor continued, "Financial assets are falling and commodities are rising.   Financial assets are typically concentrated in the United States and Europe.   Commodities are typically concentrated in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.   The United States and Europe are falling.   Asia, Africa, and Latin America are rising."

4) The Anglo-American Establishment may, perhaps, be deepening into visceral chaos.   Systematic cycle.   Fundamental rebirth.

5) It seems, consciously and unconsciously, mass multitudes are agreeing with my mentor's affirmation.   Consciously, because analysts are inundating our global media market with articles and videos elucidating the various realities and implications of worldwide financial crisis; furthermore, because the chaotic cynic and intelligent investor have been liquidating their assets, freezing their assets into precious metal, and moving their business bases from the Anglo-American streets to the emerging market land in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.   Unconsciously, because food costs are rising, threatening mental stability, unemployment is driving masters and doctors of philosophy to engage is criminal activity if they are unable to secure that part-time retail job paying peanuts, families are warring as members find personal power through individuation --- 'Why am I here?   Where is my Power?   Am I my own hero?' and answering with evolution into new phases of profitable personal freedom; furthermore, because chaos appears to be rising in popularity, turning crisis to chaos --- perhaps, a counterproductive seductive alternative to simply, turning Crisis to Profit.

6) I have recently completed my book, Born to Die: Rising from the Explosion of the Global Economic Time Bomb.   As I have been continuing my research and practical applications, I have been noticing that often, these charts illustrating a map of our world shaded in different colors to indicate statistical levels around the planet, reveal a concentration of greater economic and life development in the United States and Canada, Europe (particularly Western Europe), and Australia.

7) North America, Europe, and Australia appear to be the principal orbits of the Anglo-American Establishment.   The United States, Europe, and Australia.

8) In my research for Born to Die and advancing personal freedom, I have been visualizing economic and life development shifting from the upper left corner (The United States), upper middle (Europe), and perhaps, bottom right corner (Australia), to an emerging wave of profitable growth running diagonally from the bottom left corner (Latin America), through the center (Africa), to the upper right corner (Asia), reflecting positive linear movement on your typical graph.

9) There is a video, which seems to clearly show the economic and life developmental trends I have been visualizing.   This is familiar, is it not?   "The United States and Europe are falling.   Asia, Africa, and Latin America are rising," reaffirms my mentor.

10) What we are discussing in Born to Die is the possibly profits and plans to allow, fuel, or cause the falling of the Anglo-American establishment.   Why?   The book proposes that when a nation-corporation has grown into significant influence, if and when that entity explodes and crumbles into chaos, everything else within its sphere of influence becomes chaos.   Profit?   It seems the idea is that chaos affords an opportunity to rebuild and recreate, to reorder.   Cycles.   Wide scale chaos, it seems would therefore afford an opportunity to recreate a wide sphere of influence, according to to another's intention, your intention.

11) As we are continuing to see the chaos of those certain sections of the world map, the Anglo-American Establishment, and the rising prices reflecting rising demand in across that heating diagonal wave along the map, the industry and society of those commodity-rich corpornations, Asia, Africa, Latin America, perhaps, relative to the degree of truth and accuracy the Anglo-American Crisis to Profit, chaos to order plan for collapse and recreation, we may be seeing a seismic shift in the global balance of power --- thus indicating a possible prudence and profit in shifting one's entire life and belief system to succeed in the global game.   "Everything is cycles, everything is cycles," whispers Mark in subconscious echoes.

12) How many languages can I do business in?   How much more time does Scandinavia have as being among the most successfully school-educated and top-earning?   How many nations can I successful survive in?   How much more time does the United States have as being the movie star of our world?   How would I respond to a different system of personal freedom according to the state dictates in China, Chile, Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, Iran, South Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Panama, Malaysia, Israel, or India?   How real is the possibility of tightening state grip in response to quaking Anglo-American Establishment disintegration?   How relevant is the discussion of whether emerging growth is eventually going to reveal itself to be an illusion as individual nations become increasingly subservient to supranational globalist authorities, such as the UN.   Am I, myself, Born to Die?

13) How wealthy could I actually become as I continue to invest in turning my knowledge of Crisis to manifestation of Profit?

14) Chart 1 --- Real GDP Growth, 2015 -

Orange is rising, Green is falling

Is the Anglo-American Establishment appearing to be going up or down?
Source: IMF.org

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