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Sunday, February 13, 2011

US Consumer Credit


1) It can be said that the United States, relative to its influence in the global financial market, could spread its financial contagions around the globe and thereby significantly influence the GFC (the global financial crisis).   It seems US debt has become quite an interesting topic to discuss amongst the financially savvy and economically involved.

2) There are various subsets of the US debt, such as unfunded liabilities, federal debt, foreign debt, and mortgage debt, perhaps even a percentage risky derivatives investments could be considered a type of impending debt.

3) We are now taking a look at US consumer debt.

4) How familiar are you with consumer debt?   Consumer debt can include using credit to purchase food, water, clothing, electronics, tools, office supplies, time with a certain individual, accessories for the chosen mode of transportation or realm of living, and much else.   Often, it seems, when people are using their credit card to purchase goods and services, they are adding to their consumer debt.   Among the forcefully weakening US financial issues, is one such contagion named consumer credit.   One head of the apparent "U.S. Debt Crisis."

5) The fact you are reading into ways to turn Crisis to Profit suggests you are sensing financial instability and are acting now to gain secure, profitable ground; therefore, you may be more likely to rise while the market is falling.

6) To reflect your sense and feed your burning desire, see the chart below, illustrating the monumental growth of US consumer credit - which is, possibly, to an extent - consuming US credibility within the global market.   What would this mean for me and my financial stability?

7) How sustainable is this path for the United States?   If the United States must lower its standard of living due to feeding on credit to consume decades of living beyond its means, what ways may I turn such Crisis to Profit?

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The Global FC Zone

Development of Total Us Consumer Credit Outstanding, 1945 - 2011:


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